Hello! My name is Joseph Rauscher, but most call me Joey.


   Right Angle Productions is the idea that I envisioned back before my age had two digits. I had a small point-and-shoot camera, and my cousins had a couple lightsabers. In 2009 I put the name Right Angle Productions on my first video, a 2-3 minute recording of my cousins and I dueling in my grandparents' backyard. No plot, no storyline, not even dialogue, but we thought it was cool. Looking back, I still do.

   As time went by, I grew more passionate about creating content, but even more so, capturing it. As dreams transitioned to reality, Right Angle Productions became official in the spring of 2015. From volleyball tournaments to vows spoken in Russian, God has given me the opportunity over the past several years to capture memories for both individuals and organizations. Time truly does fly, but that’s what makes memories special. 

   Right Angle Productions, LLC is based out of Lynchburg, Virginia, and loves serving the local and surrounding areas. FAA Part 107 Certified.